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   :: Panel features yield user benefits

In tower operation
In tower maintenance
During construction and material movement
Benefits that respect new environmental norms


Blade angles are designed not only to spread and splash water but to move air in vortices, which mixes air and water droplets with maximum effect. With superior air/water mixing the air passages can be as wide as 50 mm and still the pack yields cooling capacity similar to tighter traditional fill packs. Wider air passages remain open even under worst case encrustation conditions, which for traditional packs close off the air flow and radically alter the liquid to gas ratio. The cooling capacity of a tower with the TURBOsplash PAC® panels isn't reduced below original design parameters. Polypropylene material withstands even boiling water so these fill packs can function under extreme temperature conditions. Less resistance to the movement of air (wider passages) absorbs less fan energy to obtain the same L/G ratio and thus saves considerable electrical energy. Less resistance creates less noise and lowers the cost of sound-proofing.



Panel modules are assembled with a snap-together system and are made with a sturdy, temperature resistant polypropylene plastic. Therefore fill modules can be cleaned with high pressure water or steam jets, and/or the panels can be easily disassembled, mechanically or chemically cleaned, and reassembled to re-use in the tower.



One standard panel makes all of the different fill module configurations so that different fill materials don't need to be stocked or ordered specially when jobs with different parameters are executed. The 60cm x 30cm panel size is ideal for building fill modules which will retrofit existing towers. Panels not yet assembled in fill modules nest tightly for shipping and storage requiring less space in the warehouse and less volume during transport.


Protects Environment

Polypropylene material avoids the environmental problems associated with PVC and the injection molded PP can also be recycled.


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